Decorating a Page

Use our templates to jumpstart your web development.

HTML Template

View our various templates and pick the one that's appropriate to you. If you have a CMS website, we can even integrate the nav menu in the CMS with your html.

Customizing Web Application Name

You can specify the name of your web application and the URL it's pointing to at the top of each page by editing the <div> element with id tdr_title_page_title.

nav and breadcrumbs

You can add menu or sub menu items to the navigation menu tailored to each web application.  Likewise for breadcrumbs.  Simple edit the ul element with id tdr_nav_list and ul element with id tdr_crumbs_list by adding more <ul> or <li>.

search this site
The default decorators will have a search bar and the "This Site" option will default to a particular Google Search Appliance collection value for each different decorator.  You can customize if you want to show this search bar or not.

To not show it, remove the option "this-site" from select element with id search-scope.

To show it but search a different site, put in a different value for "this-site".  Remember to make sure this value is already registered with Google Search Appliance.  You can make an inquiry with ACT Help Desk.