Decorator Changelog

Keep up to date on Decorator and other design standards and guidelines.

June 16, 2016 Decorator 4.5.4 updates

Version 4.5.4 changelog:


  • Menu navigation position fix
  • Removed fixed height attribute in .layout-header

March 21, 2016 Decorator 4.5.3 updates

Version 4.5.3 changelog:


  • Toggle mobile menu when nav menu item wraps to the next line
  • Added a comma to ".layout-header, .isLoggedIn"
  • Removed duplicate closing head tag in HTML template files


  • Display expanded menu items in mobile nav
  • Cleaned up Gruntfile


  • Added profile.css to distribution file
  • Added unminified JavaScript source files
  • Added check for undefined nav element to prevent JavaScript error

November 16, 2015 Decorator 4.5.2 updates

Version 4.5.2 changelog:

  • Initialize tooltip example for correct tip placement
  • Use of HTML5 tags, e.g. <main>, <header>, <nav>, <section>
  • Rely more on bootstrap's grid system
  • Renamed "astrisk" to "asterisk"
  • Menu in mobile view allows tap to expand for each section
  • Support a short title value in mobile view
  • Separate out Bootstrap JavaScript components into their own file
  • Removed use of #tdr_wrapper and #tdr_slide_wrapper, and other tdr_ elements
  • Removed all.html page

November 09, 2015 Decorator 4.0.6 updates

Version 4.0.6 changelog:

  • /img and /styles/img folders added to the zipped distribution file
  • Updated URL to
  • Updated bootstrap to version 3.3.5
  • Modernizer updated to version 2.6.3
  • Updated <code> tag formatting
  • Added CHANGELOG to zipped distribution file

July 30, 2015 Decorator 4.0.5 updates

Version 4.0.5 changelog:

  • Sprite Images
    • consolidated sprite images & other image references to one source :: _reference.scss
    • Credits to Daryl Eisner for bringing this to our attention
  • Updated Docs Formatting
    • Icons page, footer misplaced inside wrapper; Firefox showed visible footer overlap
  • Copyright date generates correct year

July 15, 2015 Decorator 4.0.4 updates

Version 4.0.4 changelog:

  • IE7 support
    • Spacing betweend breadcrumbs for readability (:after & :before pseudo selectors not supported in ie7)
    • White space "pre" instead of unsupported "pre-line"
  • Kitchen sink documentation
    • Formatting of example code for readability
  • Widgets
    • Added widget support
      • FullCalendar v2.3.2
        • Not supported in IE7
      • DataTable v1.10.7
      • Wizard
      • MaxChar
    • Added to zipped file

Feb 20, 2015 Decorator 4.0.1 updates

Version 4.0.1 changelog:

  • Bugs fixed:
    • Hamburger menu no longer shows up in IE
    • Padding of title fixed in IE
    • Navbar fixed to display in IE
  • Using new version of bootstrap (change from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2). Bootstrap-specific JavaScripts:
    • affix.js
    • alert.js
    • button.js
    • collapse.js
    • dropdown.js
    • modal.js
    • popover.js
    • tab.js
    • tooltip.js
    • transition.js
    • scrollspy.js
  • Files added to support local edits:
    • base-min.css
    • ie-support.css
    • respond.js
  • Other files added:
    • base-min.js
    • glyphicon-halflings-regular.woff
    • glyphicon-halflings-regular.woff2
    • glyphicon-halflings-regular.tff
    • jquery.min.js (1.11.0)
    • modernizr.js
    • vendor.js:
      • respond.js (support for responsive design)
      • flexslider.js (for picture slideshow)
      • superfish.js (multi-level dropdown menu support)
      • fastclick.js (mobile browsers: removes delay from an event triggering when tapped)
  • Eliminated files:
    • scripts/nav-search.js in form-a.html
    • ../scripts/site-specific.js in three-column.html

Jan 7, 2015 Decorator 4 is now available!

Version 4 is now available!

View the updates and demo.

The goal of the decorator is to continue to provide a great user experience, meet the needs of the campus, and to be easily implemented. The following are some of the key points we kept in mind with this version.

  • Utilize HTML5
  • Allow developers the option to use another version of jQuery or JavaScript library without conflict
  • Continue to support responsive layout
  • Continue to focus on speed and performance
  • Mobile support (progressive enhancement vs graceful degradation)

Highlights of the new decorator:

  • Based on Bootstrap UI framework
  • Refreshed UI for a cleaner and modern look
  • Provides a slide out mobile menu
  • Includes an integrated search bar layout
  • IE7 and IE8 specific styles are segregated (did not touch third-party styles) 

Support for recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE7+ (*IE7 and IE8 may have slight visual artifacts).

Additional documentation and resources will be added in the coming weeks.

May 28, 2014 Developing Decorator 4

This update's focus is on the technical implementation.

This page is a working draft and will be updated as we move through the process. We are seeking participation and input from the campus community in developing the next version of the decorator. Please contact me at with any questions or concerns, and if you'd like to be an active participant.

Visit the demo page.


Mar 19, 2014 Decorator 4 development meetings

Mar 19, 2014

download audio at

Feb 19, 2014

download meeting notes at

download video at

download audio at

Feb 4, 2014

download audio recording at

Developmental notes:


The goal is a decorator that continues to provide a great user experience, meets the needs of the campus, and is easy to implement. The following are some of the key points to keep in mind as we go forward.

  • Utilize HTML5
  • Allow developers the option to use another version of jQuery or JavaScript library without conflict
  • Continue to support responsive layout
  • Continue to focus on speed and performance
  • Mobile support (progressive enhancement vs graceful degradation)

Under Consideration

The following items are listed based on initial feedback from developers about their experience on UI frameworks and JavaScript libraries. The items also have in-depth documentation and have a good set of features to use and build upon.

Criteria for Evaluation

  • Community Support
  • Depth of documentation
  • Support for mobile, tablet, desktop
  • Cross browser compatibility (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
  • Speed and performance
  • Other suggestions?

Next Steps

  • Create list of UI frameworks and JavaScript libraries to review
  • Create list of evaluation criteria
  • Recreate the page with a phone, tablet, and desktop view layout
  • Groups
    • Bootstrap: Jude Poole, Katie Lee, Nicole Oliver
    • Foundation: Jonathan Whitman, Ryan Rose
    • HTML5 Boilerplate: Ron Block, Tim Morse
  • Review completed sites as a group and discuss experience
  • Choose a framework