ZIP file contents

Information about the files and folders in your Decorator ZIP file.


The folders in the Decorator ZIP file contain supporting files for the HTML templates and provide the initial directory structure for your site.

Folder: Comments:
kitchen-sink folder

Contains HTML files for the kitchen sink elements.

Use the code here to implement these features in your site.

fonts folder

Contains fonts used in Bootstrap and other scripts

Note: do not remove or move files elsewhere

img folder

Place the images for your pages here.

Currently contains images for demo pages.

scripts folder

Place any JavaScripts for your pages here.

Currently contains JavaScripts for demo pages. Do not remove these scripts.

css folder

Contains CSS files for decorator.

Note: do not use the img subfolder in this folder to store your images.


The files in the Decorator ZIP file are composed mostly of HTML templates that can be modified for your site.

File: Comments:
blank-slate.html HTML for the Blank Slate template
index.html HTML for the Decorator 5 demo
three-column.html HTML for the Three Columns template.
two-column.html HTML for the Two Columns template
homepage.html HTML for the Homepage template