Decorator 4 Templates

Decorator 4 provides a number of different templates to work with.

To use a specific template, choose the appropriate file from the Decorator 4 ZIP file.

You can also see templates in the Decorator demo.

Blank Slate

Contains only a single column, but maintains the Decorator 4 header and footer.

Decorator 4 blank slate template

Two Columns

Includes a left navigation column.

Decorator 4 two column template

Two Columns B

Includes a large image area suitable for home pages.

Decorator 4 two column template B

Three Columns

Includes both a left navigation column and a right column suitable for additional information.

Decorator 4 three column template

Basic Form

See our CWO forms section for information on requesting and using forms

Decorator 4 basic form template

Homepage Wide 

Send a message with a wide image rotator with sections to display content, news and more.

Homepage Wide Template example

Decorator 5