Libraries & Build Management

This page contains information and reference about the following topics/questions/how to's

  1. What libraries
  2. Where to get the libraries
  3. What versions

Libraries & Versions

  • We recommend
    • Spring 3+
      • Although Spring 2+ supports JPA we highly recommend using Spring 3+
      • all of our examples in this tutorial are based on Spring 3.0 release
        • we do not provide configurations support for Spring versions before 3.0 although they should be similiar
      • Spring 3.1 will be 100% JPA compliant
    • JPA 2.0
      • as of now the latest release of JPA is 2.0
      • this versions introduces major features that are used through-out these help pages such as CriteriaAPI and new annotations
      • JPA API 2.1 will be released as part of JDK7 while introducing lot of new features
    • Hibernate 3.6+
      • This documentation is based on Hibernate 3.6 and above
      • although Hibernate has been a certified JPA implementation since version 3.2 we highly recommend using the latest produciton release i.e. 3.6.x at the moment
      • Hibernate 4.x, the next major release of Hibernate, is in the works and your program can easily be migrated to use Hibernate 4.x once a produciton release is ready 
        • migration is merely a matter of including the new jar files
  • For the latest production ready release visit the following websites
Category Function
Spring Security
Hibernate Validtor
Hibernate Metamodel Generator
JPA API jar usually bundled w/vendor libs
JTA API jar usually bundled w/vendor libs
Validation API jar usually bundled w/vendor libs
Dependencies usually bundled w/each implementation, consult online docs per vendor for a list of complete dependencies



The reommended way to build such projects is Maven

  • we are recommending Maven to the IDS group and will work with them to come up with a sample maven build for Spring/JPA projects