The UXT UI stack consists of four popular open-source technologies:  SpringMVC, SiteMesh, YUI, and jQuery.  You should be familiar with the following technologies before you continue:

Visit the following to learn more about the UXT UI stack:


While the technologies in the UXT UI stack provide lots of functionality, here at UXT, we limit the scope to the following

UXT UI Stack Scope
Spring Uses the IoC Bean Container
Spring MVC Uses JSP as main view technology
SiteMesh Uses as decoration framework
jQuery Builds glue code between widgets. Also use jQuery UI/Plug-ins for widgets that do not exist in YUI or are simplier to use.

JLink Migration

For those of you familiar with the JLink UI, here's how the UXT UI technology stack is compared to JLink UI.

JLink UI UXT UI Stack
Event class @Controller annotated class
execute method @RequestMapping annotated method
JLink UI Component YUI and jQuery widgets
Decorator class SiteMesh decorator files