JLink SQL Logging

The JLink logging package, JLinkAudit, is affected by Java System Properties set in the Tomcat startup script <tomcat-home>/bin/setenv.sh.  In particular, if the flag jlink.log.sql is set to ‘true’ this can cause huge amounts of logging to be generated.  While this can be useful for debugging short-term production problems, if left on for an extended period of time, this will result in log file bloat and eventually disk usage problems.

To turn off JLink sql logging please ensure that jlink.log.sql is set to false in the setenv.sh script for your container.  This file is under the control of CFEngine but container owners can request changes through UNAS.  See example setting below.

# You can pass some parameters to java
# here if you wish to
export JAVA_OPTS="\
-Xms512m -Xmx2048m -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m \
-Dbpel.host=localhost \
-Dbpel.port=8082 \
-Dbpel-resource-loc=$FILE_REPOSISOTRY/bpel-resources \
-Dbpel4ws-service-defs-loc=$FILE_REPOSISOTRY/jlinkesb-resources/bpel4ws \
-Djava.awt.headless=true \
-Djlink.authserver.cookie=jlinkauthserver \
-Djlink.datasources.path=$FILE_REPOSISOTRY/jlinkservices-resources/$TOMCAT_CONTAINER/db \
-Djlink.dbprop.path=$FILE_REPOSISOTRY/jlinkservices-resources/$TOMCAT_CONTAINER/db \
-Djlink.generate.templates=false \
-Djlink.log.benchmarks=false \
-Djlink.log.common=false \

-Djlink.log.sql=false \
-Djlink.log.transactions=true \
-Djlink.pwd.isisapplication=/opt2/webapp_pwds/isis-application.pwd \
-Djlink.pwd.samapplication=/opt2/webapp_pwds/sam-application.pwd \
-Djlink.security.ticket.server=localhost \
-Djlink.security.webapp=security/$TOMCAT_CONTAINER \
-Djlink.serviceregistry.url=http://localhost:82/jlinkesb/serviceregistry \
-Djlinkservices-decorators-loc=$FILE_REPOSISOTRY/jlinkservices-resources/$TOMCAT_CONTAINER/decorators \
-Dservice-defs-loc=$FILE_REPOSISOTRY/jlinkesb-resources \


Splunk allows you to search and filter production logs, and eliminates the need to log into the production web farm to view log files.

Access Splunk

Access ACT's Splunk server with your AD credentials.
Note: to request access, send a request with your manager's approval to ACT UNAS team.

Basic Searches:

index=wf_tomcat_i source="/opt2/tomcat/tomcat6-8120/logs/catalina.out" Exception OR Error tag::host="PRODUCTION" 

index=wf_tomcat_i source="/opt2/tomcat/tomcat6-8120/logs/jlink*.log" Exception OR Error tag::host="PRODUCTION"

index=wf_tomcat_i source="/opt2/tomcat/tomcat6-8120/logs/cds*.log" Exception OR Error tag::host="PRODUCTION"

More Information

General information about Splunk can be found on the web at www.splunk.com.