Governance for UCSD Mobile

Linking mobile applications from the UCSD mobile homepage (including RSS and other standard data feeds) is governed by the Campus Web Steering Committee. This group is responsible for the campus-wide taxonomy that determines the placement and hierarchy of apps.

Applications that are linked from UCSD Mobile must comply with the following guidelines:

Content Guidelines

UCSD Mobile isn't intended to be a content repository but more of a utility. It is a collection of tools available to the campus community to help navigate the campus, locate services, find points of contact, and retrieve information on the go. 

The target audience consits primarily of prospective students, current students, faculty, staff, visitors or related audiences.  The client is responsible for using professional language. If at any time the client deviates from these guidelines, we have the right to remove links to the offending content.

The application's content should be perpetual.  One time events or temporary applications can certainly leverage the framework but generally will not have a permanent link from

Design Guidelines

The application is using the UCSD Mobile Framework.  The purpose of this is to ensure there is a cohesive user experience with all the applications linked from  We understand 1 application linked from is not leveraging the framework. This application is a vendor App and was grandfathered in since our original deployment on May 9, 2011.  

Technical Guidelines

The application is hosted in a secured, dedicated server room that is monitored, has backup and recovery.  The purpose of this is to ensure applications are available; optimally 24x7.  With this decentralized approach to our mobile presence, we need to ensure that visitors to have a positive experience using all apps as this reflects on upon our campus.

Points of Contact

Application owners will provide two points of contact.  Owners of the mobile applications will provide a point of contact from the business side and at least one from the technical side.  This is important because we need to notify technical contacts as the Mobile Web Framework evolves and as questions arise.

Contact Us

To request a link, please fill out the Client Agreement (Word file) and send to