Leveraging UCSD Mobile Functionality

You can leverage functionality of the UCSD mobile application within your own mobile web applications. See some examples:


To look up a person with last name "Smith", use this URL:



To look up a building named "Geisel" use this url:

<a href="http://m.ucsd.edu/maps/static/search?query=Geisel" class="not-webkit">Geisel</a>
<a href="http://m.ucsd.edu/maps/search?query=Geisel" class="only-webkit">Geisel</a>

You'll notice there are actually two links. One is for devices that support Javascript and one is for devices that does not support Javascript. The MWF framework will take care of which one to display by the not-webkit and only-webkit class.

To link to a specific MapLink point of interest by ID, use this URL:

<a href="http://m.ucsd.edu/maps/static/search?id=434" class="not-webkit">Geisel</a>
<a href="http://m.ucsd.edu/maps/search?id=434" class="only-webkit">Geisel</a>

To find a MapLink ID, from the main Maplink web application, click on the marker to get the info bubble, then click on "Link to this page" in the upper right-hand corner. The MapLink ID is the number following the "wid=" parameter from the resulting URL.

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