ACT Application Development Contest

Keep Calm and Code On

Be the first to deploy your application to production 
using the new Middleware stack!
GRAND PRIZE is a PIZZA PARTY for the developer or developers (up to 5 people).

To get started simply submit a FP ticket to Middleware ( requesting an ACT Desktop installation of our new platform.  From there you'll receive instructions on how to proceed.

Please contact the Middleware team if you have questions: ACT-Middleware@AD.UCSD.EDU .

Fine Print

To qualify, the application must be one that is deployed to the new JBoss environment using the defined standard processes. The application shall use the kickstart application as the starting point, which includes the new Version4 decorator, SSO authentication process, data access, etc. The application shall not leverage technologies which have been deprecated, i.e. screen scraper, jLink, jLInk services, Perl, old web farm.

Please code responsibly! Always use the ACT software development and project life cycle.

Note: the application development process shall take into account the need to set up the dev, QA, staging, and production environments for the application as the application advances through the development and deployment process. None of these environments currently exist. The MIddleware team will assist in the coordination of platform environment set up requests with UNAS.

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