About the Developer Portal

The Tech Leads group

The Developer Portal (developer.ucsd.edu) is created and maintained by the ACT Tech Leads group which is made up of technical representatives across various application and systems groups.

Guiding Principal

Identify and architect technical solutions in support of ACT’s strategic initiatives. Facilitate the sharing of technical strategies, solutions and roadblocks amongst peers within ACT.


While ACT continues to standardize on a software, platform and system architecture, there are many different approaches to implement and integrate various components.  With direction from the Enterprise Architecture Steering Group (AESG), the Technical Leads Workgroup will continuously set technology standards and guidelines, review and adopt new technologies, manage the technology/tools inventory, and focus on producing stable and forward-looking frameworks and systems.  This group provides a means to share, collaborate and initiate response on implementing these approved technologies.  This group will be responsible for proof-of-concept, guidelines, best practices and implementation documentation on these technologies.  The goal will be to increase productivity, avoid duplication of effort across groups and eliminate redundant and legacy infrastructure.


Membership to this group should remain open and fluid and represent all technical areas of ACT. The current membership is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Mojgan Amini, Director Middleware & Identity Management Services (sponsor)
  • Bill Sweetman, Financial Applications (lead)
  • Lin Chen, Academic Applications
  • Robert Dias, Research Applications
  • Med Dirami, Student Applications
  • John Gunvaldson, Middleware
  • Ben Hodson, QA
  • Allan Kim, Identity Management
  • Siwei Kuang, Research Applications
  • Kaniel Meas, External Affairs Applications
  • Tim Morse, Financial Applications
  • Alan Moxley, Systems/UNAS
  • Hector Ordorica, Network Applications
  • Roger Phillips, Identity Management
  • Jerry Singer, DW/DBA
  • Julieta Uriarte, DBA
  • David Soleno, Middleware
  • Alex Wu, CWS
  • Jim Woodruff, Student Applications

Meeting Times

Meetings are held Weekly as follows and support in-person and remote participation.

Wednesdays, 1:00pm-2:00pm PST
Readytalk 1-866-740-1260, 5341023#

Contact Us

Get in touch with the Tech Leads group by submitting an email to: developer@ucsd.edu