Build Server

A centralized build environment for the new ITAG Release Process has been provided by UNAS on eckert.  This is one of the QA machines in the new VM environment.  Deploying a project into a new VM container requires that a user with ‘release’ privilege (see Obtaining Release Privilege below) logs into the central build server and executes the command-line ITAG release script.  When invoking this script, the user must pass-in, as parameters to the script, the container, the environment, the project and the tag that the script is to build.  The ITAG script will check TeamForge SVN for the project and tag specified.  If the user does not have permission to access the project or if the specified tag does not exist, the build will fail.

Obtaining Release Privilege

To obtain release privilege, a manager must submit a Request and Notification ticket to UNAS and ask for a user to be added to the ‘build’ group. [TBD]