Check out source code via ACT's TeamForge SVN repository using the following information.

SVN Command

svn co --username [your username here][current version] [your preferred directory name]

Or in Eclipse with the subversive plugin:

  1. Import -> SVN -> Project from SVN -> Create a new repository location
  2. Enter value from SVN Repository URL from the table below for the URL field
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. Click Next button
  5. In the next screen, click on the Browse... button
  6. Select tags folder and select the folder that matches with the Tag value in the table below.
  7. Click Next button
  8. In the next screen, make sure "Check out as a project in the workspace" is selected and click on Finish
Name SVN Repository URL Tag Description
sample webapp 2.17-FINAL A sample web application that includes examples on using AJAX, JSON and jQuery widgets.  You can see a live demo on our QA server.
webappCreator 2.8.3-FINAL A tool that creates a template web application.  Instructions are here.
decorators webapp 3.0.18-FINAL A web application that provides decoratorative templates for all of ACT web applications.
sample JPA webapp Sample web app using Spring / JPA
sample Tomcat Sample Tomcat config for JPA/JNDI
sample Eclipse Sample Eclipse with all necessary plugins