Mobile Web

About the framework

The Mobile Web Framework (MWF) provides an easy way to build UC San Diego branded, mobile-optimized web applications.

MWF is a standards-based, lightweight framework that supports all mobile devices containing a mobile web browser. It provides a robust presentation layer that allows applications to define a single set of markup that degrades gracefully based on the capabilities of the user's mobile device.

MWF supports iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, tablets, and even T9 phones.

Want to build a mobile web application?

Step 1.

Review the guidelines and styles for mobile user interfaces.

Step 2.

Download the HTML Decorator.

Step 3.

Build out your application using the framework

Linking from the UCSD mobile homepage

Review our Governance guidelines.

Service Level Agreement

Please review our Service Level Agreement (SLA) which documents the service provided, the levels of response, responsibilities, and process for requesting services.

Contact us with questions

You can contact us at if you have questions or comments.

UC San Diego's mobile application is powered by the Mobile Web Framework (MWF).

Detailed information about the MWF and usage can be found at the UCLA's MWF website.
Why did we select the MWF? Read our mobile analysis document.