User Interface (Presentation Layer)

This section provides a list of how-to guides for the UXT UI stack. The stack consists of SpringMVC, SiteMesh, and jQuery.

How to use these guides

These guides will provide example solutions, sample code, or references to a list of UI technical problems most developers face when developing a web application here at ACT. Each guide will begin with a list of pre-requisite reading for the guide. Then it will provide solutions either via external resources or internal document.

Please keep in mind approaches taken by external tutorials are the easiest way for readers to learn. Some of these approaches, however, are not the recommend in a production environment here at ACT. So, use them as a learning tool, not the definite guide to building a web application.

The sample web application​ contains sample code demonstrated in these guides.  You can also see a live demo of the sample web application on our QA server.

How to apply the same layout across all UC San Diego web applications?

How to create a page?  How to link to a page?  How to get parameters when processing requests?

How to build a form?  How to get parameters when processing forms?  How to validate user input?

  • Building a Form
    • Spring Form Taglib
    • HTML Form Elements
    • Form Binding
    • Validation
    • Double Submit
    • Form Binding Collections

How to create a different view such as a PDF?

How to send a email based on a template?