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Decorator Version 5

Decorator is designed to deliver a great user experience, meet the needs of the campus, and be easily implemented.

Version 5 is now available. 

Overall goals of this version of Decorator:

The goal for Decorator 5 is to provide campus developers with an effective suite of front end tools that accelerates the web and application development process. The toolkit will be design following user experience and accessibility best practices, as well as the latest UC San Diego brand guidelines.

A secondary goal is to build a user community that encourages our users to collaborate and contribute to the project and provide feedback that will help spearhead future toolkit versions. Also, communication channels will be established in an effort to provide our users with update release notifications, training/demo sessions.

The following are some of the key points for this version:

  • Extend bootstrap features and use native functionality
  • Ongoing support for HTML5
  • Improve speed and optimization
  • Develop a robust decorator documentation and usage guide
  • Explore ways to extend the toolkit capabilities beyond desktop, such as native mobile applications and VR apps.
  • A defined update release cycle and overall better code distribution/access